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We offer passenger transfers from Barcelona, one way or round trip at affordable prices. Book your transfer to Valencia Airport today with Direct Taxi Valencia and get the best value for money in the Valencia transfer service. Private transfers from the airport or anywhere else.

Barcelona It is a Spanish city, capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia, of the Barcelonés region and of the homonymous province. With a population of 1,636,762 inhabitants in 2019.6 it is the second most populous city in Spain after Madrid, and the eleventh in the European Union. The metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona has 3,239,337 (2018), and the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona has 4,849,691 inhabitants (2018), making it the sixth largest city in the European Union.7 8 The city has with a nominal GDP of USD 142,223 million and a nominal GDP per capita of USD 30,619, which represents a PPP GDP per capita of USD 36,240, 9 being the second Spanish metropolitan area in economic activity; and the seventeenth in Europe behind: London, Paris, Rhine-Ruhr, Amsterdam, Milan, Brussels, Moscow, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Birmingham. It is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, about 120 km south of the Pyrenees mountain range and the border with France, on a small coastal plain limited by the sea to the east, the Sierra de Collserola to the west, the river Llobregat to the south and the Besós river to the north. Because it was the capital of the county of Barcelona, ​​it is often referred to as the antonomastic name of Ciudad Condal. Barcelona's history spans over 4000 years, from the end of the Neolithic period, with the first remains found in the territory of the city, to the present day. The substratum of its inhabitants unites the Iberian, Roman, Jewish, Visigoth, Muslim and Christian peoples. As the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona has forged its relevance over time, from being a small Roman colony to becoming a city valued internationally for aspects such as its economy, its artistic heritage, its culture, its sport and his social life. Barcelona has been the scene of various international events that have contributed to consolidating, developing and giving it a global projection. The most relevant have been the Universal Exposition of 1888, the International Exposition of 1929, the 1992 Olympic Games and the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004. It is also the headquarters of the secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean. Currently, Barcelona is recognized as a global city for its cultural, financial, commercial and tourist importance. It has one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean and is also an important communications point between Spain and France, due to highway and high-speed rail connections. The Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport, located 15 km from the city center, was used by more than 52.6 million passengers in 2019

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A driver for your transfer. We will be waiting for you at the airport when your flight lands, we control flights online so you don't have to worry if your flight is delayed; We will also wait for you at no additional cost up to a maximum of 60min from the time you land, so you can collect your luggage with ease.

Instant Booking. A copy will come to your email, with the online booking you have made, in it you will find all the necessary instructions for your trip.

Pay now or to the driver. With the exception of minivans (8 pax) that require online payment, for the rest at the end of the reservation you can choose to pay online or directly to the driver when you arrive. to your destination, by card or cash

24/7 Support. In the reservation that we send you, you have all the ways in which you can contact us for any management, or with your assigned driver, in case you cannot find it.

Fixed Prices. The price is fixed and will not change if there is no change of route

Best Price. Our price has a discount on the official rate, and is one of the cheapest on the market.

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Private transfer 1 to 4 pax to Valencia from Barcelona

530€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday

545€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays

One Way + 500€ Offered for round-trip transfers

Private transfer 5 to 8 pax to Valencia from Barcelona

690€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday

699€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays

One Way + 600€ Offered for round-trip transfers

Private transfer 9 to 13 pax to Valencia from Barcelona

850€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday

850€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays

One Way + 850€ Offered for round-trip transfers

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