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Castellon (in Valencian and officially4 Castelló de la Plana) is a Spanish city and municipality, capital of the province of Castellón and of the region of Plana Alta, located in the Valencian Community. Located to the east of the Iberian peninsula on an extension of flat land, surrounded by different mountain ranges in the interior and the Mediterranean Sea to the east, before which the 10 kilometers of coastline that the municipality enjoys extend. The main urban nucleus is about 30 m above sea level and about 4 km from the coast.In its municipal area, there is the confluence of the 40 ° parallel and the 0 ° meridian of Greenwich, therefore this meridian and imaginary line, it passes through very close to the city (Meridiano Park). Castellón, according to the INE, has in 2019 a population of 171,728 inhabitants and a metropolitan area of ​​around 300,000 inhabitants [required appointment] 6, being the fourth city in the Valencian Community by number of inhabitants, distributed in two urban centers and various population groups spread over the 107.50 km² of its municipal area. Until 1252, its inhabitants lived in Cerro de la Magdalena, moving to La Plana that same year thanks to the permission granted by King Jaime I de Aragón the previous year, 7 1251, the date of the foundation of the city, an event that is still remembered with the celebration of the Fiestas de la Magdalena, declared in 2010 as festivals of International Tourist Interest. Since its designation as the capital of the province of the same name, the city has been evolving, going from being an agricultural population to an industrial and service city, thanks to the subsequent installation of various political, judicial, economic, cultural and social institutions that have helped to the prosperity of the city. Among the relevant events that have taken place in the more than 750 years of its existence, the signing of the Castellón Norms, regulating the Valencian language, in 1932, the creation of the Jaime I University in 1991; the celebration of the 2008 Special Olympics or the Castelló Masters Costa Azahar international golf tournament, which belongs to the PGA European Tour.

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Private transfer 1 to 4 pax to Valencia from Castellon

95€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday

105€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays

95€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday from Grau Castellon

105€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays from Grau Castellon

One Way + 90€ Offered for round-trip transfers

Private transfer 5 to 8 pax to Valencia from Castellon

135€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday

140€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays

One Way + 110€ Offered for round-trip transfers

Private transfer 9 to 13 pax to Valencia from Castellon

215€ Offered during normal hours from Monday to Friday

215€ Offered at Night from, weekends and holidays

One Way + 215€ Offered for round-trip transfers

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